Last year was a good one for carriers. They were able to negotiate high rates and keep their trucks loaded constantly. Due to severely strained capacity, driver shortage and new truck backlogs, 2021 proved to be one of the best years for drivers in a long time. But what will 2022 bring? Some suggest carriers should prepare for potential market turns.

Although seasonal surges are normal, this year almost all sectors were impacted by surge-like conditions throughout the year, but gradual declines in demand and slowed consumer spending recently suggest that a market rebalance could be taking shape. When falling rates and lower demand occur, carriers will have to discover how to keep their trucks loaded. Demand usually falls a bit in January, but more significant loosening is expected mid-year.

Adapting to market shifts is not easy, but carriers should consider what is likely to happen in the future and prepare for changes that probably won’t be in their favor. Soren appreciates the opportunity to work with a large variety of carriers. Without their efforts, freight would not move around the country and provide valuable goods to people everywhere. While we have been willing to negotiate loads at higher prices, and even take a hit at times to keep our commitment to our customers, we look forward to a softer market that allows us to meet the demands of those we serve without breaking the bank. Regardless of market trends, we hope to have a long and lasting relationship with every carrier who services us! (

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