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The buzz is that there’s a new kid in town.  But Soren’s bag of tricks isn’t all that new.  In fact, it’s a page right out of a 1930’s business rule book.

Soren:  The New “Old”

Have you ever read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”?  If you haven’t, you should.  It’s a book straight from 1936 and the lessons taught still hold true today.  It’s required reading for Soren Employees and underscores our principle golden brick: People and relationships.

Everyone Needs a Philosophy

Everyone needs a reason to do what they do:  An ideal to strive for and stand behind.  A moral center to keep them on the right path.

Our Mission

You’ve probably seen the words “A Better Experience” in various iterations all over this site, but what does it mean?  Dive into Soren’s primary focus and highest aspiration:  Our Mission Statement.

Where would we be without..

We’re blessed to live in this amazing country, and to work in our great state of Texas, in a place near and dear to our hearts:  Houston.  We’ve been given so much and we strive to pay it forward.

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