More Than Logistics Professionals

It’s no secret that we take a slightly unconventional approach to thriving in our industry.  See what sets us apart from our competition.

Core Values


Six core values define the way we conduct our business and influence our company culture.

Our Mission


You’ve probably seen the words “Create a Better Experience” in various iterations all over this site, but what does it mean?  Dive into Soren’s primary focus and highest aspiration:  Our Mission Statement.

Community Outreach


We’re blessed to live in this amazing country, and work in the great state of Texas, in a place near and dear to our hearts:  Houston.  We’ve been given so much and we strive to pay it forward.

Contact Us

Questions?  Comments?  We would love to hear from you!

17302 House Hahl Rd. Ste #300                        Cypress, TX 77433



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