A Decade of “Different”

Many who interact with Soren comment that our organization is unlike any other.   Learn why.


Soren’s roots go back to the dot-com days of 2000 as technology company focused on intermodal. Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, the team members and customers that seeded Soren moved through several companies. This exposure to different companies’ approach to transportation shaped the company’s vision.  Soren was created in 2011 and has grown every single year since inception. We have aggressive goals and are tracking for a $100 million run-rate by the end of 2019. 


From humble beginnings: Soren starts in a storage warehouse in 2011.

Divergence through Diversity

We believe that diverse backgrounds are powerful if we have a shared vision of the long-term.  In addition to those of our staff from the transportation industry, we’re proud to host team members from all walks, including those of the finance, housing, military, and construction sectors, and with various levels of higher education. When we hire, we are keenly focused on personality fit – both with Soren and the industry.  Once someone is part of the team, we want them to lean on their past experiences to find ways for Soren to go to the next level. 

Relationships Matter

We strive to create meaningful partnerships in every aspect of our business. When talking with customers, we want to help them “win” as individuals, in addition to their companies getting the results they desire. Delivering this value takes constant communication and willingness to go above and beyond even when it costs time or money. We take this partner-centric approach with all parties we interact with, whether it be a trucking company we are utilizing, a third-party warehouse we are picking up from, or local charity we are volunteering at.  

In Soren’s 2020 kickoff meeting, Scott Miller receives an appreciation gift from Juan Diaz, president of Diaz trucking and retired professional boxer.

Team Soren stands on the third floor of the unfinished Soren building.  The southern wall hadn’t been completed yet, making for a beautiful backdrop.

Continuous Improvement

Whether analyzing our internal processes or a customer’s supply chain, Soren has a culture of continuous improvement. Technology is revolutionizing this industry, Soren has ambitious goals, and what was novel for a customer last year is a standard expectation this year. We have a culture that welcomes dialogue around finding better ways to do things, and we welcome everyone’s input regardless of position or tenure.  


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