At Our Core

Influencing every aspect of the company’s decision-making process are our six internalized values.

Our policies, procedures, ethics, culture, goals, dreams, and vision start and end here.

#1 - Results the Right Way

We commit to live our first core value every day, no matter what.  Drivers and carriers deserve fairness and honesty.  Customers deserve integrity and require trust.  None of these are possible unless we approach the end goal following the rules.

#2 - You Control Your Progression

The American Ideal is alive and well at Soren.  Meritocracy speaks loudest, and a person can be as successful as they want to be if they’re willing to work for it.

#3 - Embrace the Journey

The freight market changes sporadically and sometimes violently; especially as of late.  In like manner, the industry continues to see big changes and become more modernized.  We are in a state of constant change and each team member has to be ready to navigate those changes on a moment’s notice.  It’s part of who we are, and why our industry exists.  That’s why we don’t just accept it. We embrace it.

#4 - Teamwork Drives Our Success

Every member of the team depends on their teammates.  It’s not an idea, it’s a necessity for success.  Without every member performing at their best, the whole team suffers.  Soren teams work to help each individual member be successful, and the measure of success of any one person is only measured by the strength of the team they work on.

#5 - Choose to be Proactive

In the fast-paced world of logistics, it’s all too frequent that decisions be made in minutes, not hours.  Moving quickly through the land mines of our industry requires foresight, preparation, planning, and execution, long before the need for action becomes paramount.

#6 - Leadership by Everyone

Just as Soren embodies the need of teams to accomplish goals most effectively, it’s also to be noted that every member of the team has their own set of strengths and no team member is without their own specific weaknesses.  At Soren, every team member trains, lectures, interviews, instructs, and leads by example.  The ideal is for all team members to empower and lift one another to be their best selves, both professionally and personally.

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