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Green and Blue Hydrogen

All modes of transportation are considering hydrogen-base fuels to decarbonize freight. The question on debate is whether the industry should use blue hydrogen while it waits for green hydrogen to become more economical. If blue hydrogen is used, the hope is that it...

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Soren News

Employee Spotlight – Thomas

Employee Spotlight – Thomas

Meet Thomas! He has been with Soren for 10 months and has been a great addition to the team. He works in the Operations Department as a Capacity Analyst. We are excited to spotlight him this month! Here's a little bit about Thomas: How is Soren different than other...



Logistics 101

Test Proctor Restrictions Lifted for CDL Licenses

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has decided to lift the restriction on CDL testing standards that requires the knowledge portion of the CDL to be administered with a state examiner present. Now a third-party tester can administer these required tests....

Time to Detail a Plan for GoFundMe Donations

The trucker convoy in Canada protesting COVID-19 mandates might be moving forward, but their donations through GoFundMe are temporarily stalled. A spokesperson for the platform said, “Our goal is to protect the generosity of donors and ensure that every dollar donated...

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