Use our Buying Power as Leverage

Our logistics network of partners ships thousands of parcel packages every week.  That leverage allows us to negotiate lower rates in your favor for many of the services you use most.  On average, we are able to save our clients 8%-12% on their monthly parcel spend.  We work with a large network of couriers, so many of our customers are able to enjoy substantial savings without switching from their favorite courier.

The Whistles and Bells.

In addition to low rates with your most trusted service providers, Soren offers other services and benefits, including:

Single Point of Contact

Optimized modes of Transportation

1-3 Business Days with International Import / Export*

Phone or Email Support

Free Ground Saturday Delivery*

Facilitate / Expedite Claims

International Reach

Faster Ground to U.S. East Coast*

Catch Preventable and Unnecessary Fees and Charges