Meet Madison! She has been a Data Analyst with Soren for just over one year. We are excited that she is a part of the team and are proud to spotlight her this month. Here is a little bit about her:

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I grew up in Cypress (TX) with my parents and younger brother. Growing up, we stayed busy with my brother and I playing school sports and club soccer. We now enjoy our time with family and friends, playing golf and working out. My brother is attending UH, majoring in Construction Science. My mom and dad have always worked hard towards their careers while devoting their free time to us, which I will forever be grateful for.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Matagorda, TX or anywhere on the water … or Kyle Field 🙂

What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Movie – We’re The Millers; TV Show – Outer Banks

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?


If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

A fire starter, knife, and fishing pole.

People would be surprised if they knew …

Saltwater fishing is one of my favorite hobbies!

How is Soren different than other companies you’ve worked for?

Soren has a more personal / family-oriented environment and is more involved with company culture than other companies I’ve worked for in the past. Soren organized activities such as recess, potlucks, department events, happy hours, annual trips, and more to bring the team together. We spend more time with our coworkers than anyone else, so it is critical that our workplace environment is enjoyable and promotes growth! The positive culture at Soren encourages productivity, engagement, and collaboration leading to success for the company and our team.

Which Soren core value means the most to you and why?

Teamwork Drives Our Success – Soren is a collaborative company that promotes teamwork, collective motivation, and group decision-making. Rather than having an “us vs them” approach, teamwork at Soren allows us to overcome obstacles and achieve more opportunities. Personally, having close knit relationships and support in the office is what allows me to showcase my strengths and make a difference in my career.

Do you have any advice for new or potential Soren employees?

Ask questions! The employees at Soren are very knowledgeable about the logistics industry, and you will learn a great amount from your coworkers around you. Freight can be overwhelming at first, but jumping right into all the information provided to you will allow you to learn and adjust quickly.

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