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From shippers to receivers, drivers to end-customers, and everyone in between, our people make the difference.


Proudly serving as a leader in North America logistics since 2011, Soren has been setting the gold standard in “Better Experiences” for our customers, shippers, receivers, and everyone else we work with.

The conception and implementation of every standard and process at Soren begins with one vision:



format_quoteSoren has stood out as an exceptional carrier since we first onboarded them in 2022. One that consistently exceeds our expectations through key performance metrics. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with their world-class customer service, makes them an invaluable partner. We're excited to continue growing with Soren Transport as they exemplify what a top-tier logistics partner should be.
Logistics Specialist, The Woodlands, TX
format_quoteJust wanted to give a shout out to the whole Soren team (especially Christin). We have been working together for over a year now and I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything the Soren team does.  Thanks!
Transportation Coordinator, Columbus, OH
format_quoteI've worked with Soren and Dylan Rubey for about (2) years. Dylan is always available to assist us and always has a positive attitude. He has been a great asset to our company and provides us with unmatched care every day. We appreciate the partnership we've developed and would recommend him and his team without hesitation.
Purchasing Manager, Gainesville, GA
format_quoteWorking with Soren Transport has been an absolute pleasure due to their exceptional responsiveness and unwavering attention to detail. Their commitment to our shipping needs and their ability to swiftly address any questions or concerns have made them an invaluable partner in our supply chain. From the moment we initiate a shipment to its final delivery, their team's dedication ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. When we book a shipment with Soren we know that our cargo is in capable hands. It's this level of professionalism and focus on the finer points that sets them apart and enhances our working relationship, making us truly appreciate the partnership we have developed. Soren has played a vital role in the overall success of our supply chain and we know that they will continue to be a key player in our success and growth as a company.
Global Transportation Manager, Logan, UT
format_quoteIn my time working with Soren, Nick and his team has been incredibly helpful and responsive, helping us achieve our goals so far this year. They have provided competitive freight rates along with reliable customer service which is of the upmost importance in getting our customers what they ordered. I would recommend Soren's truck brokerage services as they always do a great job.
Purchasing Analyst, Santa Clara, CA
format_quoteWith the dozens of inquiries I receive on a weekly basis from different shipping carriers and brokers, there was one thing that made Soren really stand out (aside from their great rates). It was the simplicity. When you have several things to do each day, you really look for ways to cut down on your time. The fact that all I had to do was tell them what I had to ship and where it had to go was the deciding factor for me. No complicated and outdated portals, extra steps, or slow responses. Simple, easy, and effective.
Owner, Newark, OH
format_quoteSoren has been an added carrier this year and has done a wonderful job of following up and getting our cargo there in a timely manner. The customer service has been wonderful and the pricing is competitive comparatively. Great team at Soren and a pleasure to work with.
Transportation Coordinator, Hempstead, NY
format_quoteSoren Transport is the gold standard as far as trucking companies go. They are reliable, proactive, friendly, and kind. We know when we send a shipment with Soren Transport that it will deliver compliantly. When problems arise, they are extremely effective and efficient in helping us come up with solutions. They are true to their word and honor their commitments. We're constantly impressed with the services they provide!
Transportation Supervisor, Lehi, UT
format_quoteI have been in logistics for a little over six years now, so I have worked with a good handful of different forwarders and seen a lot. We have now been doing business with Soren for roughly 2 years and it is much more than a simple transactional relationship. It is evident that Nick and his team truly care and are overwhelmingly eager to help with any needs we have! As we are a smaller company, there are moments where it seems we are pushed under the rug by other forwarders. Soren is the direct opposite of this and has always been very competitive with rates while providing excellent service from day one. I look forward to continuing to work with them and building on an already very good relationship!
Logistics Analyst, Chicago, IL
format_quoteSoren is easy to work with and gets the job done! Timely and dependable service always. The communication with the Soren team is top notch and I can always get in contact with someone, if needed. Thank you for the great partnership!
Logistics & Outside Warehouse Manager, Visalia, CA
format_quoteSoren is our go to freight broker for both flatbed and van loads. They consistently provide great service, follow up and pricing. They are ingrained in our business model and have improved the overall success of our Transportation Department.
Director of Transportation, Dallas, TX
format_quoteSoren goes above and beyond with helping our company set up carriers. They are always responsive to their emails and keep me informed on any changes. They always let me know the email was received and keep me updated on the next steps in the process. Soren is one of the companies that I appreciate due to their communication. Keep up the excellent work!!
Customer Service Representative, Chicago, IL



Soren is a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider with the capabilities to strategically move a variety of freight by different modes of transportation across North America.

Our focus is to “Create a Better Experience” with our customers, carriers, co-workers, and all freight parties we interact with. It all starts with our people and their passion to provide our partners value with a better overall broker experience. With the commitment to a no fail service, we build incredible relationships with all freight partners and bring new solutions to their logistical challenges all while providing fair and competitive pricing. The results of this focus over the past 11 years have been year over year growth of 25%+ and 102% growth for 2021. Come experience a different broker environment!


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