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At our Core

Soren is a third party logistics (3PL) service provider with the capabilities to strategically move a variety of freight by different modes of transportation across North America.

Our focus is to “Create a Better Experience” with our customers, employees, vendors, and all parties we interact with. It all starts with listening to what their needs are, building relationships, solving problems, and making improvements. The results of our focus is about 23% year over year growth rate with 36% growth this past year.

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Industry Analysis

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Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft

Each holiday season, it seems like we hear about an uptick in theft. The same thing happens in freight. In fact, there were 319 reported cargo thefts in the third quarter of this year. In April alone, there was a 91.43% increase in theft. The thieves are strategic...

Pallet Placement

Pallet Placement

Did you know that the way a truck is loaded can increase the amount of goods that fit in a single trailer. Walmart trailblazed this idea in 2007 when they increased the number of pallets from 26 to 30 per truck just by turning the pallets sideways, at 90 degrees, when...

Types of Trailers

Types of Trailers

Did you know that there are different types of semi-trucks that each haul a variety of different commodities? Although dry vans are the most common, reefers look almost identical except for the refrigeration unit between the cab and trailer. Flat Beds are the easiest...

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