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At our Core

Soren is a third party logistics (3PL) service provider with the capabilities to strategically move a variety of freight by different modes of transportation across North America.

Our focus is to “Create a Better Experience” with our customers, employees, vendors, and all parties we interact with. It all starts with listening to what their needs are, building relationships, solving problems, and making improvements. The results of our focus is about 23% year over year growth rate with 36% growth this past year.

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Vehicle Facts

Vehicle Facts

Can you imagine how different life would be without transportation? Not only would we not be able to get to work, visit family, see a friend, pick up groceries, get our garbage picked up, and more,  but millions of products we use every day would not be available for...

Truckers-America’s Unsung Heros

Truckers-America’s Unsung Heros

A hurricane raged across Louisiana, leaving destruction, flooding, forfeiture of power, and loss of homes and belongings for hundreds of thousands of weary people. Who was part of the convoy of unsung heroes who united to provide generators and other much-needed...

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