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Partnering with manufacturers and shippers, we build strategic workflows to  transport their cargo through production and to market.

As logistic professionals, our customers rely on our expertise to navigate the constant changes and pitfalls of transportation.

Job Security

Compared to other economic sectors, the U.S. Department of Labor projects that the transportation industry is well-positioned for long-term growth. In this fast-paced consumer-driven economy, nearly everything we touch or use has at one point travelled by truck, plane, train, or boat. As our world gets seemingly smaller with technology and trade, the need for shipping only increases. 

US Freight by the Numbers:

2020 Estimated US Freight Tonnage shipped

2020 US Spending in the Logistics and Transportation Industry

2020 Third-Party Logistics Revenue (our industy) In USD


2020 US Freight Spend, represented as a % of GDP

Compared to other major U.S. sectors:


Agriculture Sector


Technology Sector


Energy Sector

Why a Career in Logistics?

Almost every manufacturer in the U.S. relies heavily on the transportation industry to sustain daily business operations. At Soren, we act as a logistics consultant for various industries and customers located in North America. We provide transportation market insight to clients in the food and beverage, automotive and electronic industry, just to name a few. All regarding to current and future conditions of the transportation industry. We align the appropriate resources to meet the upcoming order demands of their customers. Why settle for a career in a single industry when Soren allows you the chance to gain experience in them all?

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