Logistics and Soren


What We Do

In the simplest terms, we help companies move their products or “freight” from “point A” to “point B”.  There are  lot of moving parts in this process and many companies prefer to allow professionals, like us, to handle it for them to save time and money. 

Job Security

The U.S. Department of Labor considers transportation one of the few high-growth industries.  Every product you use has been on a truck, plane, train, or boat at some point—your computer, your phone, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat. Regardless of the industry, the need for shipping will continue to exist.

US Freight by the Numbers:

2017 Estimated US Freight Tonnage shipped

2015 US Spending in the Logistics and Transportation Industry

2017 Third-Party Logistics Revenue (our industy) In USD


2015 US Freight Spend, represented as a % of GDP

Compared to other major U.S. sectors:


Agriculture Sector


Technology Sector


Energy Sector

Why a Career in Logistics?

Every other business sector in the U.S. depends heavily on the transportation sector to sustain daily business operations.  At Soren, we act as a sort of logistics consultancy for many of the major industries in the country.  This provides us meaningful insight into the operations and complexities of of each of the major industries and respective markets that drive our economy.  Why settle for a career in a single industry when Soren allows you the chance to experience them all?

Your New Career Awaits!

If you’re a smart, self-driven team player, and you’re ready to work and learn in a fast-paced environment, Soren may the place for you!