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You and Soren already have something in common:

A commitment for you to succeed.

Career Mapping

Soren was founded upon the principle of meritocracy. Individual advancement and promotion are predicted on clear predefined requisites and metrics. When a member of the team meets the rquisities for a promotion, they are advanced. It’s really that simple. With each advancement comes a base salary increase in addition to their performance commissions. No poltics, subjectitiy, or pay prejudices!

Learning and development meetings are held once month in each division to help them continue to sharpen their skill sets, increase their technical experience, and to ultimately continue to progress within the organization. 

Company Structure

Teams, divisions, and organizations within the company are all built around the “Better Customer Experience” – Our highest ideal.  Employees are selected to work with customers where they may have the best chance for success in finding and meeting the needs of a particular customer. 

For that reason, employees are rest assured to be set up in the best possible scenario for success.  



Personal Development

Soren wants people to be able to look back on their career and know that they are better person because they were at Soren and Soren is a better organization because they were there. This holistic approach for personal development includes reading books as a company, putting on TED-talk style speaking events, and volunteering in their community. Soren believes that if we help unlock the best version of our team members, that in addition to them performing at higher levels at work, they will be better in their roles at home and in their community. 



Your New Career Awaits!

If you’re a smart, self-driven team player, and you’re ready to work and learn in a fast-paced environment, Soren may be the place for you!

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