The Next Level

You and Soren already have something in common:  A commitment for you to succeed. 

Career Mapping

Soren believes strongly in meritocracy.  Advancement and promotion are predicated on predefined requisites and metrics.  When a member of the team meets the requisites for a promotion, they are advanced.  It’s that simple.  With each advancement comes a preset salary as well.  No politics, posturing, or pay gaps!

Meetings are held once a month for team members in each role to discuss and improve, and to ultimately advance.

The “Pod”

Employees are sorted into teams called “pods”.  Each pod consists of individuals that work together on a number of customer accounts with a common purpose.  Every member of a pod relies heavily on the performance of her or his teammates and is invested in their success.  

A “Pod Leader” is assigned with the crucial task of helping each person in their pod to achieve their financial and professional goals.  This person works one on one with pod members to help them develop strategies, create next-steps, provide resources, and ultimately help push them to the top.  


Matt Drennen – Division Leader for “The Raiders”

Personal Development

Soren is an advocate for improving employees’ lives. Not just through financial means, but in educating and empowering individuals to become better friends, colleagues, family members, spouses, and people in general.

Soren funds seminars and classes to educate and enrich the lives of its employees.  It’s also customary to read a self-improvement book each year as an office.


Your New Career Awaits!

If you’re a smart, self-driven team player, and you’re ready to work and learn in a fast-paced environment, Soren may the place for you!