Despite the fear and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past nearly two years, the trucking industry showed impressive resiliency. For those of us in the trenches of this enterprise, it seems appropriate at this Thanksgiving time to pause and count the many reasons we have to be grateful. In addition, we should recognize what we have overcome and accomplished; after all, one thing that has become increasingly obvious over the past few years is that we are part of a steady workforce that is vital to our society’s way of life. While many other businesses were forced to shut their doors due to unfortunate effects from the pandemic, the trucking industry provided steady work for its employees. Industry experts are optimistic the situation will only continue to improve, anticipating increases in carrier pay and benefits and more time at home for drivers, too.

The truth is, if you are in the trucking business, there are many reasons to be grateful. One of the great things about trucking is that it provides opportunities for anyone willing to do the work, regardless of race, background, or gender. Although nearly 80% of drivers behind the wheel are currently males, momentum is gaining for women to join the force, too, and the racial representation is relatively proportional to our country’s demographics. In addition, trucking appeals to those with or without an education. It’s also a career that can work for men and women of various ages, and it provides many different types of opportunities. From driving, to dispatching, to recruiting, to improving technology, and more, the trucking industry has something to offer almost everyone. We at Soren are grateful and honored to be a part of this vital industry by providing logistical needs for carriers and customers throughout the country in our combined effort to fill the demands of Americans. We recognize the critical role this enterprise plays in providing households with basic daily needs. This Thanksgiving, as always, we are grateful for trucking! (