Although September may not have been a hot month for employment development in the economy as a whole, the transportation industry saw another 30 days of strong growth. This means that in the last three months job numbers in the transportation sector rose by 5,700 total jobs!

The warehousing and storage industry has also experienced growth, adding a total of 106,500 jobs within the past year. And let’s not forget couriers and messengers, who continue to surge as well. Since September 2020, jobs in this sector have increased by 64,300. This incredible growth rate in the transportation industry is signs of a strong freight market and is similar to what we experienced in 2018. Although these numbers are encouraging, they do not include data from independent owner-operators, one of the most dynamic segments of the trucking industry. If data from these drivers was included, the numbers would be even more impressive. 

While it’s true the growth recorded may not seem substantial, the consistency of the rise in jobs in this industry is a good sign. In an economy that continues to fluctuate, perhaps it’s time to consider the transportation sector as a real possibility for employment; after all, the trend is looking good! Whether it’s trucking or storage or couriering or logistics, it’s obvious that transportation has a real future! If you are someone who may want to give this industry a try, check out Soren. Our unmatched culture, access to management, and uncapped residual income schedule make us a company with incredible potential for growth! (