Uber has become a household name, and now it is becoming a larger name in the logistics LTL space as well. Uber’s goal “is to become a one-stop shop for freight” (Sharkey). To achieve their goal, Uber has partnered with BlueGrace Logistics to quote and price customers. True to the roots of Uber, they plan to harness customers’ feedback to better their LTL services. Many brokers are concerned about a big name like Uber entering the supply chain & logistics industry. However, here at Soren, we welcome the competition as one of the things we love about this industry is that it is fragmented. There is no one company that reigns supreme and we intend to continue to provide our customers with top notch service to build long term working relationships. Interested in learning more as to why you should ship with Soren? Click the link to learn more: https://sorentransport.com/shippers