A hurricane raged across Louisiana, leaving destruction, flooding, forfeiture of power, and loss of homes and belongings for hundreds of thousands of weary people. Who was part of the convoy of unsung heroes who united to provide generators and other much-needed supplies? Truckers.

A virus brought the world to its knees. Who was still moving, delivering vital medicine, supplies, food and fuel to help ride out the pandemic? That’s right—it was truckers who completed one of the most complex logistical operations in US history.

When we are asked who our heroes are, perhaps truck drivers don’t readily come to mind. But maybe they should. After all, what would our lives be like without these men and women who readily drive mile after mile day and night to deliver anything from toilet paper to ice cream to highly flammable materials? Because of them we always have what we need or sometimes just want. Is it possible we’ve taken them for granted just a little bit? These professionals move the country’s economy forward and could be termed the epitome of the American spirit: hard working, selfless, willing to sacrifice, and committed to their duty.

Unfortunately, truck drivers are getting harder to come by. Trucking isn’t an easy job, and it definitely isn’t the right fit for everyone, but supporting this industry is everyone’s responsibility, including employers, shippers, receivers, motorists and policymakers. Drivers needless delays and more available truck parking, as well as greater access to restroom facilities. Shippers could help by managing operations to help drivers arrive and depart quickly and safely.

Whatever the challenges we might face, rest assured truck drivers will have our backs. Maybe it’s time we had theirs. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week starts September 12. Let’s find a way to show our appreciation and respect to the unsung heroes who keep hitting the road for us—truck drivers!