Most people believe that the busiest time of the year for transportation and logistics is the holiday season, specifically Black Friday and Christmas. Although these are busy times, there is another period of time that is just as busy, Lunar New Year when almost all of China shuts down.

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is the celebration of the traditional Chinese calendar’s New Year. 2020 was the year of the Rat and 2021 marks the start of the year of the Ox. The new year brings a weeklong celebration full of the traditional red envelopes with cash inside to symbolize good fortune.

Since the holiday lasts a few weeks, the Chinese people often are allowed to close their businesses for 2-4 weeks to allow ample time to celebrate the holiday. However, with COVID-19 still prevalent in the world, the Chinese government has recommended individuals not travel for the holiday and remain at their workplaces. A difficult decision to make when it is usually mandatory to close for the holiday. Although recommended that people remain at their workplace rather than traveling home, many individuals will travel to celebrate the holiday and may be gone from the workplace for up to a whole month. Therefore, we must prepare for the impact we will feel in the United States by planning ahead. Within the United States “importers must be prepared for this time in advance” by ensuring they have “a checklist ready for this time” (Chinese New Year). It will be important for importers to ask themselves things like: “when are the suppliers going to be closed?” “Are all the orders in the system and logged appropriately?” and “are these orders confirmed?”. During times like these, communication will help to ensure your success. By increasing communication within your team and planning ahead, you can help minimize the impact on your supply chain.

In addition to increasing communication among your team, it is also important to plan for an adequate amount of time. Although the holiday lasts 3 weeks, when employees get back to their workstations, production will be slow at the beginning as they start working after the holiday. Not to mention, there is also a trend that shows “25% of all workers may quit after the Chinese New Year and not return to their factories” furthering those delays (Salomonsson). It is important to prepare for this slower time as well and expect shipping delays. If this stresses you and your team out, be sure to visit our website to learn about how we can assist you with your transportation and logistics needs by visiting: We pride ourselves on being able to personalize our services to your business needs and provide the best customer service possible to “Create a Better Experience”.

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