As the recruiter for Soren Transport, one question I am almost always asked is “How did 2020 impact your company?” Although 2020 was a difficult year for many, Soren was able to maintain a high level of service for our customers and maintain our excellent employee experience. We even managed to grow during 2020 and added new team members! During 2021 we have already grown by 14%. Although we are an essential industry, not all 3PLs can say the same for their growth in 2020. Many of our competitors had to layoff employees, were some even had to close their doors. As we embark on one of the “strongest freight markets in years, there are still fewer workers employed in the truck transportation sector than a year ago” (Kingston).

When looking back to 2020 for year over year comparisons, it is important to note that “comparing the 1,482,700 jobs in the truck transportation sector for March this year to last year is relevant, because March 2020 had not yet taken a full-blown hit from the pandemic. But moving forward, it may take several months for year-on-year comparisons to make any difference, because it isn’t clear just when employment numbers will be considered ‘post-pandemic’ and when they can be compared to the latest monthly update and actually mean something” (Kingston). As layoffs are being announced, this number will continue to be impacted.

At the end of Q1 2021 last week, Thyssenkrupp Supply Chain Services announced it will close the doors of its Houston facility and will be eliminating 30 jobs by July 31st. This announcement of future layoffs was just one of many to be announced last week. The produce companies are attributing the layoffs to the February winter storm which affected their crops. However, since produce, like most industries, is cyclical, these layoffs are expected to be only temporary. (Mahoney 265 Layoffs) Other companies are not giving a reason for the job eliminations in Texas. It is estimated that at least “a total of 358 jobs” are being eliminated in the freight industry in Texas (Mahoney 358 driver).

With all the layoffs and terminations happening in Texas, Soren hopes to hire on high performers to help grow our company. We are expecting to grow by 250 employees in the next 5 years and are actively hiring for experienced 3PL Account Executives (Inside Sales) and experienced operations professionals. If you or someone you know is interested in either role and has 3PL experience, please reach out to me at

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