After the southern snowstorm two weeks ago, the south is slowly getting back to normal. Within the freight industry, as businesses in the south begin to reopen, tender volumes are rebounding from the 25% drop due to the storm. Plainly said, the storm froze freight markets. Although experts are attributing part of this increase to normal seasonality, it is important to note that demand has increased for consumers replenishing after the storm on top of regular consumer spending. Seth Holm states “Given the elevated rejection rates and tight capacity to begin the year, in what is traditionally seasonally the softest time for truckload freight, any catalyst to keep drivers off the road can be amplified. Over the past week, reefer rejections increased by 178 bps and currently sit at 47.3%, over 3,500 bps higher than year-ago levels.” Capacity was already tight in certain markets before the storm and with the added stress from the storm and upcoming produce season, capacity could remain problematic. Click on the link to learn more: