Forging ahead with optimism and intentional self-improvement.

Last week, Soren pushed forward boldly into the new year with an aggressive strategy, an optimistic outlook, a new theme, and a very special guest speaker.

While many 3PLs in the U.S. struggled in 2019 due to the slump in market demand for trucks, Soren actually thrived. Much of this may be contributed to the company’s unique mission to create a better experience for all parties involved in the freight shipping process. The greatest takeaway from individual team reports was that despite obstacles that caused the market to struggle, creative solutions and next-level service paved the way for customer loyalty and a solid win-win for all parties. Jason Buchanan, President of the company crunched the numbers and went over the key metrics to watch and focus on in the new year.

Jason Buchanan, President of Soren, addresses key metrics to focus on in 2020.

During market analysis, Scott Miller, Vice President of the company gave some eye-opening statistics that concluded that the economic pace will likely continue through Q1 and possibly Q2 of 2020, but its days will be numbered as consumer confidence increases and trade wars roll into new trade agreements. As demand on capacity increases, we can expect freight coverage to become more challenging for shippers, and in turn, more business to walk in the door.

“Raise Your Standards”

Scott also discussed unveiled Soren’s theme for 2020, “Raise Your Standards”, which will be the drumbeat that team members will march to in 2020, and will drive the conversation for individual goals and personal growth throughout the year.

Scott Miller presents the Soren 2020 theme, “Raise Your Standards”.

Special Guest Speaker – Juan Diaz

To finish the day, Soren invited Juan Diaz, past professional boxer, to speak to the organization. Juan, who clinched the World Boxing Champion title from 2007-2008 and the International Boxing Champion title for 2008-2009, eventually retired from the sport and started his own trucking company in Houston. That’s where members of the Soren team met him, and have been working with him for years. In his talking points, he told the Soren team that hard work, dedication, and staying focused are key ingredients to getting where you want to go in life. For their years of friendship and mutual business partnership, Juan gifted some of his boxing memorabilia to Soren – a monument to the high value the organization (and Juan) place on relationships and people.

Juan Diaz presents a memento to Soren before his address.