There have been countless studies on the importance of sleep. As technology and medicine becomes more advanced, we are able to utilize technology such as sleep apnea treatment devices that one wears while they sleep to aid in breathing. However, like most technology, these devices can issue recalls for various reasons, leaving us with the question, can truck drivers with sleep apnea legally drive if their treatment device is on the list of recalls. Previous rulings have dictated that drivers cannot drive with untreated sleep apnea. Therefore, the current recommendation is to advise drivers that since every medical situation is different, if their treatment device is involved in the recall, they should speak with their medical provider to find an alternative solution to ensure their work is not negatively impacted. Soren cares about the carriers we work with, which is why we are bringing light to this issue that affects many drivers. Visit our website to learn how Soren creates a better experience for our carriers: