Why Choose Soren?

In Logistics, Professionalism Counts

& Soren Can Deliver 

24 / 7 / 365 Service

Customers have direct contact with account managers. 

Lane Optimization

Explore new and creative ways to move from A to B more efficiently. 

Market Analysis

Stay educated on industry trends and forecasting metrics from our knowledgeable team of consultants.

Highly Adaptable

Each team at Soren functions as its own business, so groups stay small, nimble, and adaptive.  Tired of your vision being checked by the limitations of big logistics providers?  

Large Carrier Network

Tens of thousands of carriers, and solutions from road and rail to air and sea.

Single Point of Contact

Dedicated consultant with a single mission:  To make you win.

Company Freight Metrics

Receive Quarterly metrics (or as requested) reporting lane volumes, freight spend, service percentages, and more.

VIP Customer Support

Become aligned with a team specializing in your commodities, business model, and supply chain.  Be treated with the same service that most logistics providers only offer their largest clients.

Secure and Compliant

Carriers are stringently vetted for safety, compliance, and regulatory adherence. 

Facilitate / Expedite Claims

Smart and creative strategies to resolve claims quickly and efficiently with no fuss.

Shipment Tracking

Multiple solutions to track shipment locations and receive real-time updates on your freight status.

Customized Service

Tailored to your business needs.  We can incorporate your TMS into our workflow, and we offer EDI solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing supply chain model.

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Questions?  Comments?  We would love to hear from you!

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