On the job safety is important in any career. Some careers have a higher risk for on-the-job injury than others. Regardless of injury potential, it is imperative for everyone to take on the necessary precautions to lessen on the job injury events.

Most on the job injuries can be easily avoided by a small adjustment here and there. For truck drivers we have compiled a list to help be proactive in preventing injury.

Start with the basics, entering and exiting.

Although one may think the risk factors have decreased because the truck is stopped there are other hazards that must be brought to top of mind. Before exiting your cab, look at the ground for wet or frozen surfaces to ensure you do not slip. It is also helpful to wear closed toe hard sole shoes that can grip well and provide traction rather than wearing tennis shoes, cowboy boots or flip flops.

Interestingly enough, exiting the cab is where most injuries occur. Be sure to always maintain 3 points of contact when entering and exiting your cab and exit backside first, taking care to not skip steps and use your handle. Do not jump onto the ground because you are in a hurry. Some trucking companies have even gone as far to make jumping out of a cab grounds for termination.

While fueling, be aware of your surroundings.

Once you have safely exited your cab while wearing the appropriate footwear keep your head up to ensure you do not hit your head against a mirror. It is also important to remember that fuel lines are flammable and demand your complete attention. Never smoke or leave your vehicle unattended.

Maintain 3 points of contact when handling the trailer’s landing gear.

Although some drivers believe they will save time sitting and spinning the handle, it does not save enough time to make the risk factor worth it. Be sure to remember your basics and stand parallel to the trailer and crank the handle with one hand while the other hand is a point of contact on the trailer.

Be sure to do your part to lower workers comp claims and ensure your own health and safety.

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