Advice to parcel shippers for 2021 included the task to diversify carrier bases to reduce reliance on the big carriers, like FedEx and UPS; however, accomplishing this was easier said than done. It’s projected that very little will change during the new year: demand will continue to exceed supply, carriers will remain vigilant in focusing on outsized dimensional shipments that require some form of special handling, and shippers will expect to pay more. What 2022 will reveal is what steps the supply side will take to accommodate shippers who are needing to spread their volume wealth.

There are several wild cards experts cannot yet predict for the new year. One is whether Amazon will compete for enterprise traffic. Another is what will come from the evolution of a national delivery network and whether this will bode well for shippers who are desperate for alternatives. The last question is whether the U.S. Postal Service, who added added parcel-processing facilities and is working to revamp its delivery van fleet with more parcel-friendly designs, will aggressively court shipper business. Each of these scenarios could change the face of the parcel industry.

The good news is that whatever optimization strategies are implemented, they can generate significant benefits for the shipper, such as faster delivery, customer tailored pickup and delivery, same-day delivery service options, simplified contracts, and better customer service at a lower cost, just to name a few. Soren is actively involved in the parcel industry and works diligently to offer valuable service at the lowest possible cost. Regardless of what the big carriers do, we will continue to offer great service at competitive rates to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide a better experience for everyone, and that is what we will continue to do for 2022! (