Climate change is not just a hot topic in the trucking industry; it is also a common phrase in Washington due to President Biden’s nearly $60 billion transportation bill the House is mulling over. The bill is part of the President’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget. What does this multi-billion-dollar bill cover? Among other things, according to senior reporter, Eugene Mulero, “$10 billion would be dedicated for mobility options across low-income communities, $4 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout surface transportation corridors, another $4 billion for transportation equity and safety programs, $2.5 billion for port infrastructure and freight supply chain resilience projects, $1 billion for developing low-emission technology projects . . . and another $1 billion for the U.S. General Services Administration to promote energy-efficient buildings.” The hope with this bill is that carbon pollution that is driving the climate crisis will be reduced, making communities “more resilient to extreme weather events.”

Additionally, the House Democratic caucus intends to include the transportation budget bill into its $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation legislation. This budget focuses on promoting climate change and electric vehicle infrastructure, in addition to other aims, such as healthcare and enhancements to the social safety net. This spending plan is all a part of the President’s “Build Back Better” domestic agenda, which emphasizes potential climate change improvements and economic benefits linked to his social infrastructure plan. One big question is whether the bill will pass the Senate. To do so would necessitate a simple majority. The next big question is if the bill would actually perpetuate the change everyone is hoping for. I guess we will all have to wait and see on both accounts! Regardless of what Washington decides on this bill, Soren will be prepared to handle whatever changes occur and keeping freight moving!

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