Happy Independence Day to all our customers, employees, and friends! We hope you all enjoy a wonderful long weekend and enjoy a firework show! Speaking of fireworks, did you know in 2019 fireworks was the 583rd import out of 1,265 import commodity groupings into the US totaling $335.83 million in imports for all of 2019. 95% of the total imported fireworks came to the US from China and 42% of the total imported fireworks came into the US by way of the Port of Los Angeles. All of these fireworks must use transportation and logistics from the moment they leave the manufacture, exported out of the home country to be transported into the US, then delivered to the companies who will sell the fireworks to consumers and the organizations that put on firework shows. Since fireworks are explosives, there are extra steps that must be taken when transporting these items. Due to their explosive nature the transportation of fireworks must follow the guidelines set forth by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This 4th of July think of all the logistics involved when you are enjoying a fireworks show!