Over the past few months, the world has seen many changes. One of which has been the way the earth is healing due to the decrease in travel and pollution from human beings. Protecting the planet is in everyone’s best interest and many trucking companies are now focusing on the use of renewable natural gas as a fuel alternative. The goal is to lower the amount of emissions and ultimately eliminate emissions completely to help better protect our planet. UPS is a trailblazer in the movement with a goal to slash emissions 12% by 2025 in comparison to its use in 2015. UPS also plans to have 40% of all fuel sources be clean “green” alternatives by 2025. They currently clock in at 24% of green fuel sources, a little over halfway to their goal. It is not just UPS who is trying to be eco-conscious as many companies that rely on transportation are following the green fuel movement. Companies such as United Airlines are using sustainable fuel and releasing movements to help encourage individuals to do the same.

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