Electric cars have become all the rage in the past five years, becoming the fastest-growing category of vehicles on the road. Would it surprise you to know that in 2021, one in 40 cars registered were all-electric (https://insideevs.com › us-electric-car-registrations-2021h1)? 

Although the electric vehicle market might be growing a little more slowly in the US than in China, so far these vehicles are proving to be better for the environment, require less expensive and less frequent maintenance and often come with available tax credits, rapidly increasing their popularity. Due to the growing acceptance and even demand of these automated vehicles, it’s not surprising to pull alongside one as we travel down the highway. But what about electric semi-trucks? Should truckers get to capitalize on the benefits of these vehicles as well? Some trucking companies sure think so!

Recently, one large fleet ordered 10 Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks as part of their plan to transition from a diesel fleet to an electric one. They are expecting the first two trucks to arrive in their Fort Worth, Texas terminal in December. These electric trucks are estimated to have 40% greater efficiency than diesel-fueled trucks, hopefully creating a better environment. Although electric trucks are currently more common in California, we haven’t seen them throughout the country yet in part because the entire nation would need to create a charging infrastructure to accommodate these long-haul electric trucks, and that huge undertaking hasn’t happened yet.

Will electric trucks become the fleet of the future? Time will tell. But if the trucking trend follows the car trend, it definitely seems like a possibility! Whether the trucks are electric or diesel, Soren will continue to keep them moving so that whatever your freight is, you can count on it arriving on time.

Source: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/first-class-8-electric-trucks-headed-for-texas