By Humberto Hernandez, Business Development Representative

Distribution is all over the place and is showing no intention of improving. No matter what mode your company uses to move your freight or how many brokers you have a relationship with, new problems continue to arise from one week to the next. No one has a crystal ball and can say for certain what will happen in the market. However, predictions can be made like the one in a Loadstar article were a forwarder mentions “it would cause “severe trauma” for logistics if Chinese ports close, or if vessels were delayed or not allowed to berth.” As companies desperately attempt to stock their inventories, more obstacles continue to show up such as the Delta variant. Prices for shipping from one side of the world to the other are overwhelmingly high and there is no insight as to when they might decrease. Our team at Soren is prepared to take care of our customers and carriers in case of another shutdown due to the delta variant. If you are looking to partner with a 3PL that places a high level of value on the customer experience, visit our website to start the conversation today:

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