The Coronavirus has caused many changes to our world in the past few months. People must now wear masks when shopping at Costco, temperature checks when entering a building are common practice, and virtual doctor visits are becoming the norm. The Coronavirus has not only changed the way we live on a day to day basis, but it has also impacted the workforce.

The headlines on the news depict the current situation we face, “Jobless claims exceed 20 Million in four weeks, inflicting a toll on the labor force not seen since the Great Depression” and information such as “the number of unemployment claims has reached 22 million” (Schwartz). The mass public hears about the massive company layoffs each day. Most people believe they too will lose their jobs and will not be able to find another to make ends meet. However, some industries are not as massively affected by the pandemic. Industries, such as Transportation and Logistics are deemed essential and are still actively hiring during the pandemic. The big question is how do companies like: XPO Logistics, UPS, DHL, J.B. Hunt, C.H. Robinson and Soren manage to continue hiring during a pandemic?

Transportation and Logistics is not usually an exciting industry that recent graduates line up for. When thinking of Transportation and Logistics, oftentimes the first thing to pop into someone’s mind is a truck driver. However, there are other jobs that are not as well known in the industry. Jobs like Truck Driver, Dispatcher, Warehouse Manager and Railroad Conductor are well known. However, the types of jobs that most people don’t think about are: Sales, Operations, Accounting, Law, Office Managers, Engineers and Human Resources. Before coming to Soren as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I was in a well-known industry. I had no idea what a 3PL was, but after my first day, I felt like a door to a whole new world was opened. I never thought I would work in Transportation and Logistics but there are so many different jobs available in this industry to those seeking a career. Since it is a fragmented industry, there are many different companies that one could go to work for. Soren values diverse backgrounds. We have individuals with backgrounds in finance, insurance, culinary and many more.

However, in times such as now, while other companies are laying off employees, it is important to note that Soren Transport is hiring. As an essential business, Soren has been growing rapidly before and during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Vice President, Scott Miller, put the current situation we face as a 3PL into words best, “When so many people are stressed [financially] I feel selfconscious mentioning that Soren has been having record weeks lately, but I’m incredibly proud of our team and grateful to be part of the American supply chain”.

With an increase in transportation due to the increase in shipments, we have been hiring on top talent during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics “projects employment in transportation and warehousing, excluding the postal service to grow by about 7% between 2012 and 2022”, specifically “new jobs are projected in truck, water, scenic and sightseeing… transit and ground transportation; support activities for transportation and warehousing and storage” (Torpey). The prediction is based on a BLS model that depicts Transportation and Logistics steadily increasing due to historical information gathered from previous years.

As of May 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports that Texas is the second highest in numbers of employment in the Transportation and Logistics industry. When broken down into the Metropolitan Area, Houston ranks number 5 in highest employment level for Transportation and Logistics, right behind Dallas at number 4 (11-3071 Transportation). Based on these metrics, Soren is located in the ideal location for a 3PL as our state holds the second highest employment level in the country, the 5th highest employment level among Metropolitan areas and we have the Port of Galveston close to our home office.

Individuals in the transportation and logistics field get to enjoy a career where each day on the job is going to be different. Depending on the type of job, the individual might be able to see some beautiful scenery along the way.

At Soren, we are always looking to hire top talent. If you are interested in working for a 3PL with a great culture and team centered environment, please visit our website at:

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