Why You Should Start Your Holiday Shopping Now

Most of us are not very happy when we see Christmas decorations and products hitting the shelves right after the school bell has barely rung in the new academic year; yet with supply chain issues at an all-time high, we might want to take the hint and begin our holiday shopping now, while we still have time to get the products we want and need before the holiday arrives. Between ocean freight disruptions, sourcing and production setbacks, and delivery delays, supply chain shock is happening everywhere all the same time. To make matters worse, consumer demand is higher than it’s ever been.

Manufacturers seem to be in a lose-lose situation. They either must stock up on more products than they might need, or face shortages resulting in longer shipping times. Another variant that has thrown shippers and manufacturers into a frenzy is the COVID-19 virus and delta variant. It used to be a snowstorm that might cause companies to scramble to change production location and get the items out, shipped and delivered. But when a snowstorm turns into a global pandemic, it becomes a problem on a much larger scale. Now there is a shortage of products, a higher cost to get them moved, and fewer ways to get the product moved at all. Much of the freight needs intermodal transportation, and that means more opportunities for delays and issues. Manufacturers, industry experts, supply chain employees, and retailers are doing their best to alleviate the difficult issues, but stress is stacking up. The good news is that logistical companies, such as Soren, are working day and night to help move things forward. Their experts are on the clock constantly, doing all they can to ensure freight gets loaded and moved on time to wherever it is needed. Without this vital assistance, we might see Christmas hit the shelves in March!

So even though consumers may have to expect longer wait-time for products to arrive and possibly longer sale cycles as well, rest assured many people are working hard to meet demands. And although it might be true that Christmas shopping no longer favors the procrastinate, don’t we all love to see a little tinsel, even if it is before Halloween? It might be time to remember that September is the new December. Santa’s elves are geared up and ready to get to work so get your Christmas wish list ordered now. It never hurts to start early, right? Soren is ready to get your favorite items on the road and sent your way; we specialize in creating a better experience for everyone, including you! So pull out those Christmas lists and get shopping! There’s never a better time than now to prepare for everyone’s favorite holiday—Christmas! (https://www.freightwaves.com/news/why-you-should-do-your-winter-holiday-shopping-today)