As the temperature heats up this summer, drivers may also notice they are using more fuel than during the colder months. With temperatures hitting upwards of 20 degrees above normal, it is important to ensure drivers are keeping their trucks “in good shape so the air conditioning works properly” and remains as fuel efficient as possible.

Nothing feels better than blasting the cold A/C during the hot summer months, but using the A/C on max, might be hurting your fuel efficiency. Follow the list below to maximize the use of your vehicle A/C and be fuel efficient.

  1. Roll the windows down while at lower speeds
  2. Purge the hot air out of your cabin by rolling the windows down when you first get into your vehicle. Drive with the windows down and then begin to use the A/C. This “[puts] less demand on the AC and [will] help your vehicle cool faster” (Cafferky).
  3. Don’t turn the AC on immediately when you get into the cabin. Use the tips above and recognize that “most AC systems will cool the vehicle faster while driving” (Cafferky).
  4. Lay a light-colored blanket over the drivers’ seats to keep cool while taking breaks (Austin).
  5. Use a sunshade to help block the sun from coming into the cabin.
  6. If you are parking the vehicle, try to find a shady area to help reduce the heat in the vehicle.

Each vehicle is different therefore, we recommend you consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure you are caring for your AC and maintaining it in the best way possible.

As the temperature heats up, so does freight, “many carriers may be trying to position drivers in several markets where the heat wave will take over” (Austin). Interested in working with Soren as a carrier? Click on the link to see how we Create a Better Driver Experience:

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