Parents look forward to it, and students detest it, the summer is ending and back to school is upon us, which means back to school shopping. However, one thing is different from previous years, and that is the lack of school supplies in the stores which begs the question, is there enough school supplies for the children to return to school in person? Yet again, this is a matter of supply and demand. The “demand for all things back-to-school from clothing to pencils, erasers and lunchbox items” is increasing (Kowalick). However, the supply is low as there have been distribution problems as well as labor shortages that are contributing to the low supply levels. In fact, when a local news reporter “stopped by a local Target over the weekend, [he noted] they still have paper and notebooks, [but] the backpack aisle was nearly bare and you could tell the other supplies are already being picked through” (Ehling). The best way for us to combat the lack of supply as a society is to ensure we are not taking more than what we need. Learn more about the shortages of school supplies and the impact on the transportation industry here:

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