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The strategic advantage we bring to the table extends far past automation or the newest technological breakthroughs. At the end of the day, your freight is loaded, driven, offloaded, and received by people, not computers.  That's why we continue to invest heaviest where it matters most:  people.  

Our staff bring a unique combination of logstics experience and professional business experience from all walks to provide more than just a means of moving freight from A to B.  Rather, we bring real business perspective to the playing field and strive to engage and build relationships with shippers, receivers, drivers, carriers, support teams, and your customers to build a strong network that promotes continued business and dependable service time and again, year after year.

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Thanks to our business relationship with England Logistics, we have access to the largest refrigerated van fleet in the world, as well as an established network of tens of thousands of independent carriers in the United States and Canada.

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Our strategic partnership with the Jones Motor Group of companies gives us further options, with access to a second vast network of independent carriers and owner-operators, as well as the Jones Motor inventory of dry vans and flatbed trailers.

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